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Rhode Island Health Care Project – Special Alert November 18, 2013

RI Health Care Project

6,000 Parents Losing RIte Care:
What is Happening and How to Help Them

The budget passed by the General Assembly in June included a provision that the RIte Care eligibility limit for parents would be “rolled back” from 175% FPL ($34,177 for a family of 3) to 138% FPL ($26,951) on December 31, 2013. The expectation was that parents who were dropped from RIte Care would enroll in commercial coverage offered through HealthSource RI, the new health insurance market place.
Children enrolled in RIte Care will keep their coverage – there is no change in the income limit for children. And beginning January 2014, families will no longer need to pay a monthly premium to keep their children enrolled.
What is happening: On November 15, the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) began the process of putting the “roll back” of parent eligibility into effect.
First, EOHHS must give parents the opportunity to show that they are still eligible for RIte Care. Parents may be eligible if income is below the limit (because income has dropped or the family is bigger) or if a parent is pregnant or the parent has a disability. On November 15, EOHHS sent a letter (See Copy Here) to parents telling them about the roll back of eligibility and providing a form for them to fill out to sh
ow they may still be eligible. The form must be returned by EOHHS November 25th. Second, if the parent does not return the form, EOHHS will send the parent a letter around December 2 explaining how the parent can enroll in coverage through HealthSource RI.
Third, EOHHS will send the parent a formal notice around December 20th stating that their RIte Care coverage will end on December 31st.
This Chart (prepared by EOHHS) shows these steps and the advice to give parents at each step.

How to help parents:

  1. Remind parents that children will not lose RIte Care coverage and parents will not have to pay to keep them enrolled.
  2. Help the parent complete the form from EOHHS if it applies to them and return it to EOHHS by November 25th.
  3. Parents can get help enrolling in a new health care plan through HealthSource RI and financial help will be available to help them buy coverage. They will receive more information about this soon.
The Rhode Island Health Coverage Project, an initiative of The Economic Progress Institute and Rhode Island KIDS COUNT, works to ensure that the consumer voice is present as the state makes decisions about health care reform. Read more…

Welcome to the new RICLAPP Website

It is a great privilege to have you visit and I hope that you will find this site informative and useful. We are a non-profit public charity that provides civil legal services to low and modest income Rhode Islanders. We do not engage in criminal matters.
We have a small staff that does so much to further our mission. Over the past few years, we have resolved over 1000 civil legal matters per year. As you can see from our web pages, we accomplish this with a small dedicated staff of professionals, and also with a great assist from volunteer attorneys. We also rely on our community partner, Roger Williams University School of Law, to provide us with high quality law school students through the University’s externship program.
It is my great honor to serve with such a talented, highly motivated, and dedicated group of professionals. Rhode Island is fortunate to have them doing this work.
An organization like ours cannot exist without the support of legal providers in the community. While our list grows with each passing year, there are five
that I would like to publicly thank for being a resource over the years for us and, in some instances, for our clients:

  • Charles Pisaturo
  • Cindy Fogarty
  • Joe Daigle
  • Brian Fogarty
  • Kathy Paul and the Rhode Island Paralegal Association

We are a community based agency that relies on community support to advance our mission. The above professionals are just a sample of the many community collaborators that have joined with us to aid those under-served neighbors in each Rhode Island community.
Once again, thank you for visiting our website and please come back to this page, which will be updated frequently with issues of import for all of us.
Geoff Schoos
RICLAPP President