I’m back….

… what did I miss?  When I last posted anything it was to organize support for RICLAPP’s legislation before the General Assembly.  In spite of the public, and in at least 20 instances support by legislators, it was not to be this year.

As those of us who are Sox fans would say, “Wait ’til next year.”  This as applicable to RICLAPP as it is to this year’s Sox.

As for me, next year can’t come soon enough. We’re going back to the General Assembly and hopefully, with your support, we will prevail. So before the craziness of the legislative dance begins anew, let me again thank all of you for your support and friendship during our last efforts.

RICLAPP is a different kind of public interest legal organization. We do things differently to reach people who otherwise would lack access to legal services. Our model does not mean we’re better than any other model, nor does it mean that we are less deserving of support than others receive.

From its inception, RICLAPP has promoted a community based collaborative model to serve Rhode Island’s under-served residents.  Over the summer we’ve begun work on what I hope are exciting new collaborations with various community providers.  This fall, I hope to be able to announce some of our new partnerships.

We didn’t succeed last year, but we don’t quit.  The need is vast, the resources are scarce, and it’s through these continued collaborations, and new initiatives, that we can effectively and efficiently serve those who have the least among us. The more we work together, the more we can achieve; that’s always been one of RICLAPP’s core principles.

So I’m back on these pages, hopefully more frequently, to share what we find, what we do, expose practices that need exposing, and continue educating all Rhode Islanders of the challenges others face, and to help those unable to help themselves.

Actually, this should be fun!

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