Income inequality – Organizing for Rhode Island?

It was bound to happen – The Providence Journal finally dug out the scoop that’s been long known to many, if not most of us. ┬áThere is a widening gap between Rhode Island’s rich and poor, with the middle-class imploding and joining those at the bottom.

If you missed the article, you can access it at the link below:

I don’t want to appear to be snarky, but anyone who works in the human services sector knows that not only is this the case, but that it’s been the case for nearly a decade. We know that studies conducted over the past 20 years on the national economy have alerted us – if only we heeded them – as to the economic Armageddon steadily unfolding and ready to consume all of us.

Since the mid-2000s, I and many others have raised this issue only to be consistently ignored. I am not saying “I told you so.” I merely want to point out that the condition of our nation’s and state’s economies should not come as a surprise, no more than that the Rhode Island economy is significantly worse off than the nation’s.

I am not going to take the time to posit several recommendations (please know that I have more than several), but only want to point out that RICLAPP’s numbers in 2014 are significantly up over the same time period in 2013, a direct result of the conditions detailed on the front page of the projo today.

As some of you know, I’m in the midst of our Organizing for RICLAPP effort and that keeps me busy. ┬áBut that will end and when it does, I’d like to take a shot at Organizing for Rhode Island, an effort where we can leave our egos, our preconceived interests, and our ideologies at the door and start offering approaches to fixing the state that we live in and love.

More about that soon.

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