Day Eighteen – Organizing for RICLAPP – The Five Week campaign

I am stunned by the expressions of support and good will over the past week that I’ve received from every segment of the Rhode Island community.  And these aren’t from people who have already sent emails and made phone calls to members of the legislators, but are those who had just found out and were eager to help.

Just this week alone, people from the small business, legal, and the non-profit communities have stepped up to help out. Students, retirees, and our partners have reached out to legislators on our behalf.

However, while gratifying, there is still much to do.  For the past three weeks, we’ve managed to form a small “army” of supporters who have pitched in to help our efforts to inform the legislature of the wisdom of passing our bills in the General Assembly.

Put another way: as Uncle Sam (Uncle Geoff?) might say, I need YOU!

If you haven’t joined our merry band of brothers and sisters, please go to, click the Home tab,  which will cause a drop down list, click Organizing, and all that you’ll need should be found on that page.  However, if you need additional information/resources, please email us at

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